Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Mcx Commodity Tips

The glint of gold have seen an increase in the record. Domestic gold price has risen close to 23 250 rupees per 10 grams. Comeks while gold touched a record level of $ 1607. Comeks 0.2 per cent at present, with gold trading at 1605's of dollars per ounce. Comeks looks at the decline in silver. Comeks currently at 40.2 dollars per ounce of silver is trading at.

In yesterday's trading at $ 96 per barrel crude oil on Naimeks closed down.

Naimaks currently 0.3 percent with strength in crude oil trading at 96.21 dollars a barrel is. The Brent crude slipped 0.2 percent, is trading at 116.20 dollars a barrel.
Crude oil traded today is looking dull, while today's huge rise in agri-commodities - have climbed.
Guar futures have reached a new high today. 4112 per quintal on NCDEX guar seed and guar gum have hit record levels of 12 980 per quintal. Fall in business today is the cumin.
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Gold: Buy -23 080, -23 000 stoploss, target -23 225
Crude oil: Sell -4350, -4380 stoploss, goal -4290
Nickel: Buy -1078, -1069 stoploss, goal -1095


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