Thursday, July 14, 2011

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The U.S. economy if the speed of a sluggish European economy has raised concern. In such a safe investment gold demand in the international market has increased. Experts believe that gold has the potential to move up.

Silver has also been a string of fast. Comeks 6 percent on Wednesday after climbing 1 percent moved up again yesterday in silver and silver closed at 38.5 dollars. This is the last best seen on a recent demand MCX silver rate of around Rs 900 to Rs 58,000 is close up.

In the last three days of crude oil and crude oil was punctured by the sharp 2.5 percent fall on Naimeks reached close to $ 96. In the fall of crude oil has come from the dollar rally.

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke made the statement to the Stimuls not have seen a decline in crude oil. Naimeks currently around 96 dollars a barrel on the crude oil is trading at.
sleep on the edge in today's business. Rs 22 985 gold on MCX has risen to the top of the new record. In the international market at $ 1590 per ounce gold price has gone to record levels.

Silver Uchhal strongly at the beginning has seen sluggish business. The sense of silver in the domestic market with around 1 per cent over Rs 57,000 is reached.
After Wednesday's sharp decline in crude oil today. MCX crude oil is currently trading at 1 per cent. Naimaks the price of crude oil at 98 dollars per barrel has come down.
Now firmly in base metals since the beginning has seen sluggish today. On MCX, Copper, including base metals are trading at about 1 per cent.
International Chinese market has reached a new Uchani. Estimates of sugar production in Brazil due to the decline of sugar prices in London have reached beyond 874 dollars per tonne.
Guar is in decline today. On NCDEX guar seed and guar gum are trading at half per cent. Nearly 160 per cent rise in Rajasthan is scheduled to guar, guar and the stress has had on prices.
According to data released July 12 by state government in Rajasthan has about 11 million hectares sown Guar, Guar in the same period last year nearly 4 million hectares of the area.
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Copper (August Futures) MCX: Buy up to Rs -434, stoploss -430, -440 Target
Zinc (July Futures) MCX: Buy on declines -104.50, -103.30 stoploss, goals -106
Lead (July Futures) MCX: Buy on declines -119, -117.50 stoploss, goals -121
Gwarseed (August Futures) NCDEX: Sell -3960-3965, -4000-4005 stoploss, target -3860-3850


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