Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mcx Tips India

Crude oil is trading strongly today. With 1 per cent faster on Naimaks crude oil remains around $ 88. On MCX, crude oil has reached close to Rs 4,000. 's continued rise in gold. Comaks gold is above $ 1,792 with a gain of 0.5 percent. Gold on MCX is close to Rs 26 400. In the spot market, gold has gone up to Rs 26 400. silver is strongly shopping. Comaks silver has risen closer to $ 40. MCX silver remains above Rs 60 100. LME due to firm up on MCX Copper is looking up. Copper is on MCX at Rs 421.2.

Crude oil is being seen in today's fast response. And Naimaks MCX crude oil is trading at about half per cent. According to Fitch , America's AAA rating is maintained. During the past 7 months as well as U.S. industrial production is better. The impact on crude oil is being witnessed.
Gold and silver is still firmly intact. Because of rapid growth in the international market with gold on MCX is trading at Rs 26 338. In the silver is seen trading above the level of 60 thousand.
After Tuesday's decline in base metals have been shopping today. Half per cent of all base metals, including on MCX Copper is trading at Brt.
Mganlwar 4 per cent in the upper circuit after being pepper on the decline in today's business. After a slow start shopping has come to light today in cumin. On Tuesday, the futures market is trading at 2 per cent.
Advice provided to investors -
Crude oil (August Futures) MCX: Buy from -3925 to 3935, stoploss -3875, -4000 Target
Gold (October futures) MCX: Buy from -26,190 to 26,200, stoploss -25 980, -26 440 goals
Silver (September Futures) MCX: Buy from -59,800 to 59,850, stoploss -59 300, -60 800 goals
Zinc (August Futures) MCX: Buy -98-98.20, stoploss -97, -100 Target

Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Mcx Commodity Tips

The glint of gold have seen an increase in the record. Domestic gold price has risen close to 23 250 rupees per 10 grams. Comeks while gold touched a record level of $ 1607. Comeks 0.2 per cent at present, with gold trading at 1605's of dollars per ounce. Comeks looks at the decline in silver. Comeks currently at 40.2 dollars per ounce of silver is trading at.

In yesterday's trading at $ 96 per barrel crude oil on Naimeks closed down.

Naimaks currently 0.3 percent with strength in crude oil trading at 96.21 dollars a barrel is. The Brent crude slipped 0.2 percent, is trading at 116.20 dollars a barrel.
Crude oil traded today is looking dull, while today's huge rise in agri-commodities - have climbed.
Guar futures have reached a new high today. 4112 per quintal on NCDEX guar seed and guar gum have hit record levels of 12 980 per quintal. Fall in business today is the cumin.
Tips provided to trade with free mcx commodity tips for investors -
Gold: Buy -23 080, -23 000 stoploss, target -23 225
Crude oil: Sell -4350, -4380 stoploss, goal -4290
Nickel: Buy -1078, -1069 stoploss, goal -1095